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Welcome to Bootcamp Prep! Get ready to learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML & CSS. Take the time to watch the videos below and do the associated homework. If you have questions, use our public Slack channel.

01. JavaScript Basics

This video is a presentation of the JavaScript language. It includes a brief history and an introduction to the following concepts:

  • Variables
  • Primitive Values
  • Types
  • Objects
  • Arrays
  • Logical statements
  • Conditionals
  • Loops

02. JavaScript Math & Numbers

Learn to solve simple math problems and how to make use of numbers in JavaScript.

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03. JavaScript Strings

Learn to solve problems using various string methods built right into the JavaScript language.

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04. JavaScript Arrays

Learn to solve a number of problems using arrays, for loops, and array methods.

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05. JavaScript Objects

Solve a number of problems that require the use of objects as stores of value. We introduce the concept of the constructor to build objects and we see a variety of object methods.

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06. HTML, CSS, Git & GitHub

Explore HTML and CSS while building a website and get it hosted on github pages. For this video you need an account at both: